Monday, June 2, 2014

Just Getting Started

I'm a grown-up, not just chronologically, but professionally.  As such, it's time for me to contribute to the bigger community.  After all, I have something to say.... Don't I?  So, as this entry title suggests, I'm just getting started.

Introducing myself seems to be the logical first step.  I am Rhonda Luetje, a Technolgy Support Teacher at Dublin Schools in Dublin, Ohio.  My journey wilth Dublin began in 1988 when, with all of my rookie enthusiasm, I helped to open Davis Middle School as a sixth-grade science teacher.  I spent most of my ten classroom years in good 'ol room 218.

As time rolls on, I become a more and more amazing teacher in my own mind.  It may be revisionist history...  Don't we all want to be superheroes in our own life story?  Truth be told, I loved teaching.  I poured my heart, soul, and weekends into doing the best job I could do.  I think I was pretty good at it, but who knows?

I earned my BS from Miami University (when they were still Redskins) in Elementary Eduacation with a Concentration in Science Education.  Several years later, I earned a MS from the University of Akron in Athletic Training for Sports Medicine.  After those studies, I logically decided that my passion was in, you guessed it, technology.  I took my "Master +45" almost entirely in technology workshops.  Hyperstudio and FileMake Pro 5 were my hooks.  I'm dating myself, I know.

I've spent the past 16 years in the ever-morphing position of Technology Support Teacher in Dublin Schools.  I have found my niche, my passion, and my strength.  I get to work with colleagues who love to play, think, imagine, learn, grow, and wonder.  I get to have a part in igniting teachers and helping them reinvent their classrooms.  I get to work with kids, and be constantly amazed at the ways they think and the things they can do.

This is an exciting time to be in the world of education... especially in educational technology.  It's a wild ride, and I'm honored to be in the front seat with my hands up in the air just waiting for the next big hill.  Thanks for reading my blog, and helping me to just get started.

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