Monday, June 23, 2014

iPad Productivity & Workflow: My WebDAV+

I have been looking at apps that can help you get the most out of your iPad.  Many people see the iPad as a nifty and fun device to use when consuming information, but don't take it seriously when it comes to creating content and accessing files on cloud servers.  My WebDAV+ is another app in my productivity arsenal.

My WebDAV+
This app has a word processor associated with it, but that isn't why it finds itself on my Power App list.  Its strength comes from its ability to shuffle files between your iPad (including the camera roll) and a number of cloud services.
  • Upload files from your Camera Roll to the file exporter in My WebDAV+.  The File Exporter portion of the app acts as your "relay point."
  • Articulate with any WebDAV cloud service.
  • Create folders locally or within a specified cloud.
  • From email attachments, select My WebDAV+ from your Open-In command in order to get documents to the File Exporter.
  • Have you created a video that is too big to transfer to a server through ordinary means?  Use the Share button to "broadcast" large video files so that you can navigate to them and download them from a computer browser.
  • FREE!

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